Blue Mayan Coffee welcomes 2018

Welcome to our official Blog where we share updates, product sneak peeks, and behind-the-scenes exclusives about Blue Mayan Coffee. These posts will include trips with the team, upcoming products (sshhhh… it’s a secret), and our social impact projects.

2017 was a busy year converting from an export only business into something that connects directly with the customer: from our farms to your cup. We hit the ground running in 2018, working hard to fulfill our corporate mission to make sure we continue to provide first-class quality, and tasting coffee while remaining focused on sustainability. Regarding the freshly harvested product from our farms, we are preparing to deliver green beans to the United States, Canada, and Australia. As for the rest of the world, Blue Mayan Coffee wants you! Contact us for more details. As for our roasted coffee customers, we are proud to announce that very soon all of our roasted coffee bags will be Biotre© biodegradable.

We have partnered with world champion Barista Raul Rodas, and Paradigma Café in Guatemala to taste and profile our green beans and coffee blends.

While showcasing our new 2018 harvest from our farms: Pachilha, San Ignacio, San Juan, and Ticachu, we ensure the beans you taste meet strict quality control procedures. We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as the flavors!

P.s. Stay tuned as we’ll be sharing an insider look at our little ‘place’ of heaven where our beans are born…