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Our coffee is sourced from family-owned coffee farms that date back as far as 100 years. Our history taking care of the land and growing the coffee has allowed us to nurture the unique flavor of each farm.

Click below to find out more about each farm’s history, topological characteristics, and unique flavor profiles.

If you are interested in visiting or arranging an origins trip to our farms, contact us at [email protected] or follow our blog posts for information on origins trips we organize.

Pachilha Farm
Varietal: Guapa
Altitude: 800 to 1400 m.a.s.l

Rosona Farm
Varietal: Pache, Yellow Bourbon, and Yellow Catuai

Altitude: 1300 m.a.s.l

San Juan Farm
Varietal: Red Catuai and Catimor (CR-95)
Altitude: 450 to 700 m.a.s.l

Tichacu Farm
Varietal: Red Catuai
1100 to 1400 m.a.s.l

San Ignacio Farm
Varietal:  Catimor (CR-95), Red Catuai, and Robusta
Altitude: 500 to 900 m.a.s.l