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Share the delicious flavors of coffee! Give that special person the chance to embark in a voyage to discover new flavors.

Each of our farms has a unique aroma and flavor. Let them try Pachilha’s Single Origin bag, with an aroma of oregano, lavender and honey and notes of chocolate, nuts, melon and orange citrus. Or the Crossfit inspired Warrior Blend, with an aroma of peanut shells and vanilla and notes of peanut butter chocolate and herbs. Or the exciting Explorer Blend, with a sweet, herbal aroma with notes of milk chocolate, soft pear, and green apple acidity, balanced with a full body and smooth finish. Serve them hot or cold; our beans mix perfectly with your coffee drinking preferences.

The only gift card that gives you the beans grown by our families in Guatemala directly to your cup, we guarantee excellent quality coffee.


Note: This is a virtual gift – redeemable online only. It will be emailed to the gift recipient via email. It is not a physical item, only an email notice and code will be sent, it can only be used through the online store. Please review our privacy policy for details.


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