Warrior Espresso



Roast: Medium dark

Notes: A bold and full-flavored coffee with notes of chocolate and nuts with hints of apple and pear.


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This blend is inspired by the experiences of our co-founders in Crossfit, thanks to the great coaches of CrossFit One Nation Needham. This blend is what we drink to get ready for our for an intense workout – or to prepare for any event that feels like one. It’s a blend of our farms Pachilha, and San Juan.

About the Coffee

Farms: Pachilha, and San Juan
Region: Alta Verapaz , Guatemala
Varietals: Red Catuai, Guapa and CR-95
Aroma: Roasty, sweet, vanilla, herbs, chocolate

About the Farms

Pachilha Farm

Located in the northern region of Tucurú, Alta Verapaz, near Cobán, our family acquired Pachilha in 1983. This farm has been producing coffee, cardamom, and cattle since the 1900’s. In the year 2000, the lemon crop began growing in the farm.

Since 2012 the farm has produced a new coffee varietal, registered as “Guapa,” our Guatemala-Pachilha proprietary coffee seed. This seed has a screen size ranging between 16 and 21 and is also rust resistant, which grows in organic like environment.

San Juan Farm

San Juan farm is located in the northern region of Senahú, Alta Verapaz. This region is known for the mountainous lands. Acquired in 1980 by our family from an Italian family. This farm is known for its coffee, cardamom, lime, and cattle.

We have multiple varietals including seeds sourced from Brazil and Costa Rica and Colombia.

The stunning views this coffee farm offers are breathtaking. It boasts a 100-year old wildlife forest which we have protected and is also home to many native animals and birds. This farm has its hydraulic plant which helps run the farm 100% on hydropower, including the wet coffee mill as well as providing electricity to families living in the farm

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