Social Responsibility

At Blue Mayan Coffee, we believe in the pillars of sustainability, environmental efforts, social responsibility, and governance. We believe in the value of giving back to the community and helping to make the world a better place for all. On that note, we are proud to partner with an incredible social enterprise: Creamos Futuros.

Creamos was born in 2008 as a social program under a similar program called Safe Passage. Both recognize the challenges women in Guatemala face in their everyday lives. In 2014, Creamos became its own entity and continued to create programs that empower women in Guatemala, concentrating in the Guatemala City Garbage Dump, which is the biggest dumpsite in Central America, covering over 40 acres.

These communities formed around the Guatemala City Garbage Dump because people were looking for better economic opportunities. They saw this as a way to scavenge in the unsorted garbage to obtain anything they could to sell to sustain their daily lives, being able to earn between 2 – 3 dollars a per day.

Aside from the dangers of sorting out the trash in a Garbage Dump filled with hazardous materials like medical, household and constructions waste, families (mainly women) living in this community also face difficulties with intensifying violence, financial instability, emotional pressures and the burdens associated with living in this type of environment.

Creamos has taken women in this community and given them a second chance at life; making them feel more empowered and providing them with more financial, and emotional stability. Their programs offer these women the opportunity to work in a safe space, creating jewelry and crafts (which can later be sold in stores and to local and international institutions), spend more time with their children, and earn 75% more than others in that community.

As part of the partnership with Blue Mayan, every bag of coffee sold gives back to the women of Creamos. Keychains and other artisanal items like necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, are made from recycled paper and then crafted into beads. The fantastic team at Creamos also makes our signature custom-made burlap bags, inspired by the burlap sacks that coffee is traditionally exported in.

It doesn’t end there. Creamos also has programs to help with domestic violence, emotional stability, financial literacy, and physical health.

Social impact coded into our business model; and we are proud to be associated with such a fantastic organization, which not only helps women in the community but provides them with the tools to be independent, and protects them from the daily hardships of their everyday lives.

Stay tuned for news about the project we are working with for Me Importa Guatemala foundation, and Babson College. It will be launching in June 2018 at in Antigua, Guatemala.