Owning our farms means we can import and manage quality while providing you access to the best coffee Guatemala offers. We partner with local coffee roasters to build the unique flavor profile you require. Wholesale or private label coffee, we would love to work with you to fulfill your green bean and roasted coffee needs!

Wholesale Blue Mayan Products:

We offer competitive pricing on our specialty coffee. With three major product categories: single origin, rainforest certified, and custom blends, your shop can offer Guatemala’s best-tasting coffee. If your customers are more of the cold coffee type we also have cold brew and nitro coffee products including cold brew bottle products, nitro, and cold brew kegs. Purchases can be made in a variety of packaging and sizes. Contact us today for pricing and quantity inquires.

Private label Products:

Are you a small business who has been dreaming of creating and selling your own coffee products? We can help you! With access to 8 farms offering different varieties of beans, we can work directly with you to help you create a unique blend of coffee to offer your clients. Whether you want a fruity blend or one that is more chocolate-y we can make it. Orders can be tailored exactly to your needs even down to the drying process. We then work with you to design and package your own branded coffee.

Outfit your Office or Restaurant:

We also offer a variety of cold brew options, and we can set you up with all the extras you made need to offer it in your restaurant or office. Looking to install a cold brew keg in your office? Or set up with the best coffee brewers? We can help you to easily set up your office so it feels like you have very own coffee shop in-house.

Interested in an Origins Trip? Visit our Farms!

Please contact us and we’d be happy to chat about your needs.

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Photography by SFP